Boat Cleaning, Detailing & Polishing

Blue Hull Polish and Wax

Blue Hull Polish and Wax


Washing, waxing, detailing, polishing and restoration services available. Envision your boat, shiny and like-new, just like the day you first brought her home….now let’s see how close we can get to bringing her back to that condition .  We aim to use the least caustic chemicals in cleaning and superior quality waxes and protectants for beauty that lasts.  We can cure stubborn stains, rust, oxidation and more.

Hull compound polish

Hull compound







Glass Repairs and Painting

We can repair blisters and broken glass and chipped gel coat.  Experienced color matching to hide unsightly repairs.  If your gel coat is too far gone we offer awlgrip and other marine painting.

Deck Wash vessels under 60ft $2-3/ft
Deck Wash vessels 60ft and greater $3-4/ft
Hull Wax (mono-haul on the hard) (Stains, rust and more. will be removed first, Fleet Wax will be applied and buffed, all metal, scuppers etc will be polished with metal wax) $10/ft
Hull Wax (Vessel in water) Hull will be waxed from a floating platform $20/ft
Hull Wax (Catamaran on the hard) $20/ft
Hull Wax (Catamaran In the water) $30/ft
Detail topside (Clean and Wax) (Stains removed, metals polished, all external surfaces will be waxed or polished with appropriate quality cleaning and protecting products. Does not include waxing inside compartments or cabins.) $20/ft
Full Detail Entire Boat (On the Hard) Clean, wax and polish above and below the rub rail. $30/ft
Detail Topside No Waxes $8/ft
Hull Detail No Waxes $5/ft
Hull Compound and Wax Oxidation Removal $20/ft
Hull Compound and Wax (in the water) $30/ft
Compound and Wax Topside $40/ft
Compound and Wax Entire Boat(On the Hard) $55/ft

Please call or email us for any prices not listed above.