Underwater Hull Cleaning & Diving Services

Hull Cleaning

Would you like to guess what your fuel economy is… dragging this along?


Ask about discounted rates for customers with regularly scheduled hull cleanings.  You can’t afford to waste fuel in this day and age.  Having a dirty bottom is a drag.  Bottom fouling will cause you to lose speed and fuel economy.  We are gentle on your paints.  We take off all the growth while leaving as much of the anti-fouling paint on the boat as possible.  You won’t get more bang for your buck.  We offer very thorough hull cleaning for $2-3/ft anywhere in the Keys!  We can work in any marina or private water way in Ocean Reef, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon or Key West!  The price will increase for unmaintained hulls, but there is no such thing as a bottom that is too overgrown for us to clean.


Zinc Changes

We carry many sizes of zincs with us and if we don’t have what you need we can likely have it there the following day for less money then you are used to paying.  Old zincs are always removed prior to installing new.  All metal surfaces are polished to guarantee a good connection.








Big or small let us know if you lost something to the depths.  Eye glasses, jewelry, anchors, propellers we’ll find them for you.







Minimum service fee for any work is $75 unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.  Quotes are free so don’t be afraid to ask.  Rates may vary in some circumstances.

If hull cleaning takes over 2 hours; cleaning time will be billed at $75 per man hour.

Service Call $75 minimum for up to one hour of work time. $75/hour
Salvages starting at $75/hour, includes travel time to location $75/hour
Hull Cleaning <60ft Will Call Cleaning for vessels under 60ft LOA $3-4/ft
Hull Cleaning >60ft Will Call Cleaning for vessels 60ft and up LOA $4-5/ft
Regular Hull Cleaning <60ft Cleaning on a once a month schedule under 60ft LOA $2-3/ft
Regular Hull Cleaning >60ft Cleaning on a once a month schedule 60ft LOA and up  $3-4/ft
Propeller Removal and Installation of new or reconditioned propellers: $10 per Inch Diameter
 Prop Speed Application $10 per Inch Diameter
 Bottom Speed Application $60/ft
 Zinc Installs We can provide your zincs and put them on at very reasonable prices. Inquire for pricing on your particular zincs.